The Cyrkle

Don Dannemann and Mike Losekamp, two original members of the Legendary 60’s band The Cyrkle, best known for the hit songs “Red Rubber Ball” and “Turn Down Day,” have decided to reunite, add a few new members, and reinvent themselves around the 50th anniversary of the bands success.

Coupling extraordinary musical talent and legendary music, The Cyrkle promises to electrify fans today, just as they did when they were the opening act for The Beatles (Yes, THOSE Beatles) for all 18 concerts across the United States in 1966.

They were The Beatles opening act on each stadium stop on their tour, including August 23, 1966 at Shea Stadium, and August 29, 1966, the Beatles’ famous final concert at Candlestick Park. If you were moving and grooving to the Beatles then you are no doubt familiar with the music of the band which was specifically selected by Brian Epstein, to open for the greatest group of all time.

Epstein had become the Cyrkle’s manager late in the previous year. It was to be his first, and sadly, the only American band he ever managed. The, rest, as they say, is history. With one small exception, that is.

John Lennon himself, after hearing the band’s name, suggested a new one, with a unique spelling. Soon Brian’s only American band was christened THE CYRKLE.

In 1966 the band recorded their first album, Red Rubber Ball, which produced the Billboard hit song, “Red Rubber Ball” selling over one million copies and certified Gold. The single “Turn Down Day” was a solid hit as well, becoming their second Top 20 song of the year.

Later in 1966, the band’s keyboardist decided to pursue his dream of going to medical school, and was replaced by the extremely talented Mike Losekamp. With Losekamp’s skill set on board, the band then recorded their second album, the highly acclaimed, Neon. 1967 found them on the soundtrack of a motion picture The Minx. After releasing several more singles in ‘67, the band decided to go their separate ways and disbanded the next year.

The late Tom Dawes (the band’s original bass player) and Don Dannemann then became professional jingle writers, penning such classics as the world famous Alka-Seltzer jingle, “plop plop fizz fizz”, and the original 7 Up “Uncola Song”, as well as the classic Swanson Foods and Continental Airlines ditties .

Reformed in late 2016, The Cyrkle will be playing their own mega hits, plus favorite tunes from the Classic 60s. But they will also add a few new songs for this new incarnation. They will also include a the music of several other Brian Epstein managed groups, which will round out their performances with even more legendary music.

The two original members of Cyrkle, Don Dannemann and Mike Losekamp, will be joined by Pat McLaughlin on lead vocals and rhythm guitar; Mike Shoaf on vocals and bass guitar; Don White on lead guitar and vocals; and Scott Langley on drums and vocals. The new additions are all veterans onstage, and each brings a unique and individual style to the show that is sure to elate the most diehard music fan.

Much to the delight of classic Rock ‘n’ Roll fans, The Cyrkle has re-emerge on the scene of classic music venues breathing new life into old music and renewed interest in songs that have never lost their popularity.

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