Fun Facts From Our Artists and the Era

We’ve compiled a few fun facts from our favorite era and Flower Power Cruise 2020 roster. How well do you remember the time that brought us peace signs and these great artists? Join our community and post any fun trivia to our Facebook page. Tag friends, special memories or even concerts. We welcome any tidbits, pictures and your favorite memories from the Flower Power era.

  1. Did you know that the group The Hollies is credited with pioneering the 3-part harmony style of music?
  1. The Hollies along with the Rolling Stones are the only UK groups of the 60’s to never disband.
  1. Did you know Herman’s Hermits was originally called Herman And The Hermits.
  1. Peter Noone is from the English city of Manchester and he exaggerates his accent when he sings.
  1. Herman’s Hermits only had one # 1 hit in England, the rest were in America.
  1. Did you know that Arlo Guthrie’s mother is the founder of The Huntington’s Disease Society Of America?
  1. To this day many radio stations across America play Arlo Guthrie’s hit “Alice’s Restaurant” on Thanksgiving Day.
  1. The song writing duo of P.F.Sloan and Steve Barri couldn’t get anyone to record their songs so they put together their own group to record their songs and called them The Grass Roots.
  1. After The Grass Roots were formed, Dunhill Records used them to back up The Mama’s And The Papa’s and Barry McGuire.
  1. Did you know the group Rare Earth were originally formed in 1960 and were called The Sunliners?

Other tidbits from the era:

  1. Dr. Christian Barnard Performed the first Heart Transplant in South Africa in 1964.
  1. The very first weather satellite launched in 1960, it was called Tiros 1.
  1. Did you know the sinking of the U.S. Destroyer Maddox by North Vietnamese Missiles in the Gulf of Tonkin was the official start of the Vietnam War?

Trivia is courtesy of Steve Walsh of Hitmaker Trivia who also entertains us onboard with his Trivia sessions.