Fun Facts About How The Flower Power Era Affected Our Culture Today

The Flower Power Cruise is a vibrant (and wildly fun) testament to the enormous musical talent that dominated the era.  But did you know that the late ‘60s and early ‘70s gave way to so many other monumental changes in our lives?

The way we ate shifted dramatically as Flower Children opted for unusual “health food” like granola and yogurt.   The same spirit drove a dedication to and sense of responsibility toward the environment and ecology.  Our nation’s Environmental Protection Agency was founded in 1970.

For the first time in modern history, hair lengths for both men and women ran the gamut from Twiggy’s signature short ‘do to Cher’s long locks…and they still do to this day.

Far out took on a whole new meaning when Apollo 8 became the first manned spacecraft to circle the moon in 1968 and when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took a walk on the moon just a year later

The peace symbol became the de facto symbol of the era, used in protests, fashion and art.  It’s popularity and power has never waned, still used in protests, fashion, art and even emoji.

In 1969, the earliest version of the internet was born, ARPAnet.

Both tie dye and Bohemian fashion are everywhere, worn by kids at summer camps and fashionistas at Coachella.

And it probably comes as little surprise that the hacky sack made its debut in 1972.