What’s Included

What Is Included in my Flower Power Cruise Package?

What Is Included in my Flower Power Cruise Package?

Your cabin price includes more than 50 LIVE performances and 25 celebrity interactive events with your fellow cruisers on the Grooviest Trip at Sea. Sing, dance and dine for seven amazing days while reliving the '60s.

All Musical Performances

All musical entertainment presented on the cruise is included.


Themed Events

Join us for artist-led events and themed activities including a Psychedelic ‘60s Dance Party, Bell Bottom Party, a T-shirt Pool Party, Interviews, Artist Q&A sessions, Contests, Trivia and much more!


Dining & Beverages

Meals served on the ship in the main dining restaurant and casual dining areas (except for meals at the specialty restaurants) are included in your reservation, including most room service*. All breakfasts, dinners, and some lunches are served in both formal and casual restaurants. Lunch is always available in the casual dining restaurant as well as at the poolside restaurant and often available in some of the specialty restaurants. Dinner is available in most of the specialty restaurants each night. There is a charge for dining in the specialty restaurants.

*Complimentary except between 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., when a service charge may apply.


What is not included in the cruise reservation?

Though all of the above is included with the booking of your cabin, there may be additional on-ship costs and expenses. All of these expenses are elective, and none are required payments.

  • Specialty Dining Restaurants - Reservations are recommended at the specialty dining restaurants.
  • Bottled Beverages - The ship provides coffee, water, tea, fruit juice, lemonade and other drinks as part of the offerings, however bottled beverages, such as soda, various water drinks and energy drinks are available on the ship for purchase only, as are all alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, mixed drinks, etc. Special packages for the purchase of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are always available.
  • Onboard Purchases - Items purchased in the gift shops or from our Flower Power store will be charged to your onboard account.
  • Onboard Services - Excursions, spa services, internet services, and other similar services are also subject to additional costs and charges.