The Top 7 Trivia Questions That Stumped Our Flower Power Cruisers

There’s something about our trivia games that brings out the competitive spirit - and laughs - in everyone. This year, Steve and his Hitmakers trivia team brought on more of their great challenge questions alongside his vintage video clips for some more blast from the past trivia.

Below were the toughest questions that stumped even our brightest trivia contestants.  Go to our Facebook page as we begin our Seven Days and Seven Answers to test your knowledge on the questions below.

1.       What was John Fogerty’s  group before Creedence Clearwater Revivial?    

2.       What was the highest charting song from the group Canned Heat?

3.      What was The Associations lowest charting song of 1966?

4.      Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan left The Turtles for a time to play with what group?

5.       From what city were all of the original members of The Hollies from?

6.       In 1964 two music writers named P.F.Sloan & Steve Barri formed a music group to play their music because no one else would. What was the name of the group?   

7.       What was Eric Burdon & The Animals known as before they were the Animals?